IP address manager records user IP addresses, and allows admins to view which IP addresses have been tracked against a user, and which users have been known to use a certain IP address. This can be currently used to identify duplicate accounts.

The aim of this module is to provide a way to identify a user when they are not logged in to provide some action or context to their presence by maintaining lists of users for some purpose - such as, but not limited to, banning them. It is intended that this functionality will be provided by other modules that will use the services provided by this one to identify users. There are several known modules that will benefit from such a system. A project is currently underway to integrate this module with Manifest which will in turn be used by Cave your trolls and Misery.


  • Views Integration (7.x-2.x-dev)
  • Module uses Drupal ip_address() which is adjusted for reverse proxy.
  • Provides data for other modules to use for analytical and authentication purpose.
  • IPs are stored as integer for mysql performance reasons.

How to use?

Enable the module and navigate to Home › Administer › People › IP to view the IP logs (only 7.x-2.x).

Also you can view each user's ip on /user/[user_id]/ip


  • Views

Modules that use IP as dependency


Initial development by danielb.
Current development and maintenance by GeduR.
Development of this module is sponsored by Metadrop.

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