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Inmail/Mailmute overview


The purpose of Inmail is to process incoming email and execute certain actions depending on the content of each message. As its most prominent feature, it readily supports identification of bounce messages (e.g. the recipient address does not exist) and uses the Mailmute send state to avoid sending email to a user whose address has bounced.


Inmail works with Drupal 8 only. See below for a list of similar D7 projects.

  • Mailmute for enabling the bounce handling mechanism

Known problems

See the Release roadmap for intended near-future development.

  • Bounce is a Drupal 7 project with similar bounce handling capabilities (it also manages IMAP/POP3 fetching). In comparison, Inmail has a more general approach to mail processing.
  • Bounce handler is another project (Drupal 7 version unstable) that focuses on bounce processing.
  • Mailhandler, also for Drupal 7, is designed to create content from incoming email.
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