This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

What is it?

The inform module provides integration between inform technlogies tagging platform and drupal. To use it you will need to get an api url and key from inform.


The module is young with many features being planned. At the moment it provides integration into Drupals taxonomy system and provides options to tag on save, or tag in a batch via cron or manually. The current dev branch does not use taxonomy, because this approach caused problems on sites with large amounts of data, but there is a hook that would allow someone to put taxonomy tags back.

It also provides a block to expose related terms on both node and term pages.

It is an easy way to tag your content.

Plans for the future

Immediate plans are for term blacklisting, so removing certain terms from the taxonomy list and keeping them out. After that it is likely that the module will support manual overriding of tagging for both inclusion and exclusion.

This will provide automated tagging but with complete editorial control.

After that I would like to flesh out the api to provide tagging tools for other modules.

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