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Update September 17th 2008:

The newest version of the alpha is now up and available... LOTS of improvements here. This new version will now work with multiple imagefields on a single node type. Also included is Node Reference support. I've been promising this for a while, and I finally get to move it to "Current Development". There were a couple hickups with CVS uploading this stuff and getting it working properly, but it's just some niceties on the Administrative interface, all the functionality should be working great.

If you'd like to play with the node reference functionality it will require 2 node types. First is a node type that has an imagefield on it. Second would be a node type with a node reference to the previous node type. Just based on references to those nodes now, you can create galleries on a node. Just set up a gallery type for the node reference'd node type. This will only work if it's referencing nodes that could have images on them. This does not yet support that ability to choose between multiple imagefields, that's completely unsupported, I haven't even tried it yet. :-)

I've added a few new details to my future development goals, so check it out. Also a new gallery type is in this release. The Gallery type is still very alpha, so use at your own risk. Lightbox should still work great.

Module Summary

The Imagefield Gallery is designed to make displaying multi-value imagefields simple and beautiful. Currently imagefield_gallery only supports a lightbox2 integration, but abstraction exists that allows developers to create different gallery types as needed. As the lightbox2 gallery is packaged by default it should serve as a good example for developing your own gallery type modules.

Current Development Includes:

  • Support for imagefield and imagefield2
  • Support for imagecache and imagecache2
  • Multiple imagefields on a single content type
  • Node-reference support
  • Scrollbox Gallery Type (Requires the newest jquery update, so please upgrade)

Future Development Includes:

  • Support for asset
  • Abstraction to allow support for many different possible providers of images. (this should happen early in the 2.x alpha releases)
  • New Gallery Types

Links to Dependencies:

Drupal 6 Status:

Development on the 6.x version of this won't commence until CCK and imagefield and imagecache are all ready for 6.x... and I don't think that will happen until views is ready for 6.x action. So don't ask me about it unless the above are all ported over. Details on my intention for Drupal 6 integration and my continuing plans for the 1.x implementation can be found on my development blog.

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This Module was developed for the Star Wars Artists Guild

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