This notice is being issued - line 86 of imageapi/imageapi_imagemagick.module on the image toolkit admin page - /#overlay=admin/config/media/image-toolkit

Blank d7-x install with just imageapi as extra module - only imageapi imagemagick enabled.


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Could be me - I only had the imageapi imagemagick module - not the imageapi module. This error disappeared when the imageapi module was also enabled. Should there be some dependency setting there?

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I receive the same error with both ImageAPI and ImageAPI ImageMagick installed when I save the configuration.

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I've got the same problem and it seems ImageMagick is not usable.

Step to reproduce :

  • Perform a new installation of Drupal 7.0 beta 3, 2010-11-13
  • Copy imageapi module (version 7.x-1.x-dev timestamp 1287360749) into sites/mysite/modules
  • Enable both ImageAPI and ImageAPI UmageMagick modules
  • Go to Administration/Configuration/Media/Image Toolkit
  • Choose "ImageMagick toolkit" and validate
  • Validate second page (on wich you choose ImageMagick path)

Message displayed is :

Notice: Undefined index: #post in imageapi_imagemagick_validate_path() (line 86 of /srv/principal/www/d7/sites/mysite/modules/imageapi/imageapi_imagemagick.module).

If I go further, trying to use ImageMagick, here is what happens :

Steps :

  • Enable Image module
  • Go to Administration/Configuration/Media/Image styles
  • Click on any style

Message displayed is :

Warning: Division by zero in theme_image_style_preview() (line 772 of /srv/principal/www/d7/modules/image/
Warning: array_intersect_key(): Argument #1 is not an array in theme_image_style_preview() (line 774 of /srv/principal/www/d7/modules/image/
Warning: Division by zero in theme_image_style_preview() (line 789 of /srv/principal/www/d7/modules/image/
Warning: array_intersect_key(): Argument #1 is not an array in theme_image_style_preview() (line 791 of /srv/principal/www/d7/modules/image/

No image is displayed. Clicking on effect result "view actual size" link, I get a "Error generating image." page.

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imageapi_imagemagick.module, line 86 :

if ($element['#post'] == 'imageapi_imagemagick' && $errors = _imageapi_imagemagick_check_path($element['#value'])) {

According to Forms API reference, there is no "#post" property for elements. The test on $element['#post'] looks a bit strange and I don't understand its purpose. Removing it makes the configuration page working well. It may be the solution.

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it's there to ensure that the error message is only being displayed once.

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at least in the d6 version. it should probably be removed in favor of a d7 approach.

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I opened another issue here about the "division by zero" problem. It includes a patch that solve the "Undefined index: #post" problem.

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I tested this on drupal 7.0-rc2 today, and I still have the same issue.

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Any progress?

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It's been about a year and a half since this was reported. I just installed this mod and have same issue. Any solution?

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I got the same warning. I switched back to 'GD2 image manipulation toolkit', uninstalled the imagemagick module and everything worked (including the images showing up).

Just a guess but this probably means the server I'm using isn't set up for imageMagick.