This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

With the release of the excellent SUY module ( I will no longer be maintaining this module. If, however, you're for some reason dedicated to this module, let me know if you'd like to assume ownership.

IE Notify creates a new block with a configurable notification message (usually something like "Upgrade your browser.") to display to users who view your site in the version(s) of IE you select.


  • Configurable version of IE
  • Configurable notification message
  • Support for JavaScript popup message
  • Support for grayscale page filters (ala


  1. Download and enable the module
  2. Tweak the settings from Site Configuration -> Internet Explorer
  3. Go to the Blocks administration and enable the newly created block
  4. Test it out


This module is brought to you by Little Blue Labs with love.

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