Status message

This organization is a Drupal services provider.

Little Blue Labs is a boutique Drupal shop headed up by Mike Crittenden.

Drupal contributions

The "Starkish" base theme, the "Meedjum" blog theme and installation profile, the "Simple Preview" module, the Date Popup Mobile module, moderator of the Drupal sub-reddit (, rewrote the "Taxonomy Simple Access" module for Drupal 7, a handful of core patches (D7 and D8 mostly) and a bunch of contrib patches.

Projects supported

Hypothesis, Simple Preview, Date Popup Mobile, Meedjum Base, Meedjum, Unique Link Title, Author Select, IMCE Kama Style, Cornerstone, Seven, New Horizon, Password Strength Disabler, External New Tab, IE Notify, Evolution