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This module allow inserting icons near file-links and in the Administration section pages (with Garland Theme, maybe with other still works nice). Icons are added in "pure CSS": no theming functions overrides and no HTML added in your theme (let browser do the hard part ;) ).

Where are the Admin Icons?? Admin icons have been removed due a GPL issue. You can download a icon-set package on my blog here: or using drusk make (makefile is included in latest 7.x branch) as described below for Drupal7.

You can choose to display icons:
- in the Administration section (more user-friendly)
- nearby well-know files type links (.doc, .txt, ...)
- nearby well-know protocols links (mailto: , skype: , ..)
For a list of Iconized Modules read "readme.txt" or my Blog post.

It uses the article Showing Hyperlink Cues with CSS for the Administration section, and the nice package from Iconize Textlinks with CSS for the links.

To use this modules your Browser must support CSS1/2 and PNG transparency, read also about specific techniques requirements from their own pages.

Drupal 7 branch

The new D7 release features a new functionality to override the default Drupal file filed icons: the new mimetypes should be placed in the "mimetypes" module folder.
The new icons for Drupal7 release can be download form or using drush make with the following commands:

drush dl iconizer-1.x-dev
drush make sites/all/modules/iconizer/iconizer.make --no-core

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