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Translation Dashboard

For new projects, we recommend using the Translation Management module. It includes all functionality of this module and many new features.

This module manages all translation work for multilingual Drupal sites.

The Translation Dashboard shows everything that needs translation. Content managers can send all new and modified contents to translation at once. Translators translate in our visual editor and the completed translations are saved back in Drupal.

You can use this module with your own translators or with professional translators from ICanLocalize.

Easy Multilingual Content Management

ICanLocalize Translator makes managing site translations easy. Content managers don't need to learn about Drupal's complex multilingual system. All translations are sent from a central Translation Dashboard. This includes nodes, CCK, blocks, taxonomy, menus and any custom content types.

Translators get notifications about new work, they translate and everything is saved back in Drupal.

Built-in Translation QA

We treat translation just like you treat development. Translations are reviewed by an expert translator before they are published. The translator and reviewer use an issue tracking system, so that no change is forgotten.

The translators build a glossary for each site, ensuring consistent and accurate translation over time.

All the translators in ICanLocalize are professional qualified translators, writing in their native languages. We have translators to over 30 languages.

Lowest Cost

Even though we employ the best translators in the market, we can still provide very economical translations. Our system simplifies the work for the translators, allowing them to dedicate all their time to translation. You will get excellent translation at 50% the market cost, because you're only paying for translation - nothing else.

We Want to Meet You

ICanLocalize is the company behind Translation Management. We're experts on multilingual Drupal and can provide technical support and translation work.

If you're building multilingual Drupal sites, we'd love to meet. Contact us, we can help.

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