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Translation Dashboard

Translation Management provides complete workflow management for multilingual Drupal sites.

Content managers can manage all translations from one central page. The module shows which contents need translation and notifies translators about what they need to do.

The module introduces a new Translator role. This role allows translating between specific language pairs. Translators have individual job queues, showing documents that were sent to them for translation.

Translators can translate everything without having to learn Drupal administration. Node contents, menus, taxonomy, CCK, blocks and strings are all translated from the same interface.

See the Translation Process »

All Drupal Contents Translated in One Place

The module shows everything for translation in one screen, called the Translation Dashboard.

From there, admins can see what's translated already, what needs update and what's new. Then, they choose contents and send to translation.

More details in the Guide for Content Admins »

Efficient Translation Tools for In-House Translators

Your own translators will use the convenient Unified Translation Editor. It shows the original contents and translation side-by-side. Translators can also download jobs as XLIFF, translate offline in the favorite CAT tools and upload back to Drupal.

Read more in the Translators' Guide »

Need Help Translating?

Besides the ability to translate yourself, the Translation Management module also integrates tightly with translation services. When choosing a translation service, it will send contents directly to service. When translations complete, they appear back in Drupal.

You can choose your own translators from ICanLocalize. You'll enjoy a large pool of expert translators, a safe payment environment and streamlined process - optimized for Drupal sites.

To learn more, read - translating Drupal Sites (ICanLocalize) »

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