This module enables block titles and block content to be exported to code (via boxes) and then be translated (via i18n_string).

This is an updated version of the helpful i18nboxes sandbox module by benclark module for Drupal 7.

From benclark's original description:

You need i18n_boxes when

You have blocks with predefined content. You want those blocks to be exportable (to be managed by Features, for example), so you choose the Boxes module. But you also need to have these blocks be translated into other languages. The core block implementation is supported by the i18n_block module (part of the i18n suite), but Boxes is not. ... Well, until now.

Historical Notes

This was created because neither of the two maintainers of the two sandboxed modules for Drupal 6 have responded to the original issue to merge everything into a single unified module and upgrade it to Drupal 7.

In the process of creating this project, I also reviewed the sandboxed i18n_boxes sandbox module by derhasi which is *almost* exactly the same as benclark's code, with a few differences. In the end since, progress was already made to update benclark's version, I decided to not adapt any of the code from derhasi's version, but thats not to say that there are a couple useful things there. I'd be happy to discuss inclusion of some of derhasi's features to improve this version.


Note that in the process of finally getting internationalization and export working with the boxes module, there were a couple issues with i18n_strings module that we had to resolve. We will be working to put together a help page to document the required versions / patches to get this working successfully on Drupal 7.

UPDATE: We now have documentation in the form of a README.txt. The latest versions of the dependent modules should not be causing issues at this time. Since multi-lingual projects have a tendency to have lots of moving parts, please open an issue if you're having problems getting this working.


  • Thanks to benclark for the initial development work done for Drupal 6.
  • The Drupal 7 upgrade and continued maintenance is sponsored by Bluespark.
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This module was developed for a Bluespark client.

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