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Tutorial of Alpha 4 in action
HTML Export allows you to take your Drupal site and select paths from it based on criteria to export to HTML. It supports OG, results from Views, per content type, all menu router items, and all nodes as default criteria for publishing to html. Developers can extend and override these selections through a simple hook / api system. This module requires that Simple HTML Dom module/library be installed to help with the parsing of the html being created.

Drupal 6.x-2.x

Special note: The Base URL ($base_url) MUST be set in your site's settings.php file in order to use this module.


  • API hooks able to add / define / prune / alter the paths, assets, and html data used in export
  • Supports ANY drupal path, not just nodes
  • Ability to remove DOM elements in bulk during page export (follows convention div[id=admin-toolbar] to remove admin module output)
  • New publishing metric to make creation cleaner (folder stacking instead of flat nodes)
  • Batch API to avoid timeouts and be able to handle massive sites
  • Selection criteria hooked in through API
  • Selection criteria hooked up to views queries
  • Ability to prune assets from exported package via hooks / simpledom query
  • Intelligent selection of assets (css/js/images/etc)
  • Support for export of content per type
  • OG helper module to publish just within scope of a group
  • Anonymous page exporting
  • Ability to define in the UI additional paths to copy
  • Flexible Packaging routine that has direct access or tar download provided by default (hook to build others available)
  • Support for `` page path which generates an initial index.html for the package
  • Integration with Masquerade to export html based on how another user views content. This is experimental functionality and will *never* work correctly on complex sites.

Future Roadmap / Wish list

  • Provisioning to FTP/S3/other folders on the file system (possibly via Backup and Migrate)
  • Deep scan of .css files to specifically target the images/css/files needed

Drupal 7

There is an initial direct port of the 6.x-2.x branch. Actively seeking a comaintainer to take on helping to port / fix issues with the port. I have verified that it is at least stable enough to try though it doesn't build out all the file assets and DOM removal doesn't seem to be working. Paths all render though.

Drupal 5.x-1.x / 6.x-1.x / 7.x-1.x

This is now legacy as this branch will not receive 2.x upgrades.

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