Allows you to 301 redirect any domain to any other domain.

  • Want to 301 redirect from to
  • Want to 301 redirect from to
  • Want to 301 redirect from to
  • All of these share the same documentroot?
  • …and you even want to avoid redirection from dev.anywhere.local?
  • Enter Host Redirect module.

Just add all those aforementioned redirections at without adding any rule for dev.anywhere.local or anything. You are using the same code base for all of these, most likely stored in a git repository, which includes the .htaccess file of Drupal's, and is not touched in any way, since there are various different rules to be applied that cannot be done there. If you want to export the setting to a feature (using the Features module), just do so by adding the hostredir_redirects variable to the feature, and add your precious feature to your git repo, and use the same code and settings for all the copies of the site–even the local working copies of your developers.

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