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Hosting Tasks Extra is a suite of Drupal modules that provide extra UI functionality of the Aegir Hosting System. Explore Aegir's other components with the links above.

This module adds several tasks to be preformed on an Aegir managed site.

  • Clear cache
  • Registry rebuild (requires the drush extension registry_rebuild
  • Run cron
  • Run updates

Extra bundled modules:

  • HTTP Basic Authentication (hosting_http_basic_auth)
  • Sync (hosting_sync)

These are slightly out of scope for the primary hosting package, or add an undesired dependency.

If you've got an idea for a task that fits in this module, feel free to post an issue and/or patch.


For 6.x-2.x the backend of these tasks is in a drush extension called:
provision_tasks_extra (7.x-3.x has the provision code included).

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