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This module is in development. Its purpose is to allow inter-communication between Aegir servers (to address the "smart nodes" use case). The point is to centralize information to facilitate management of multiple servers.

We use hosting_services and 2-legged OAuth. You can use hosting_network_node to get the right OAuth configuration, afterwards you'll have to add an OAuth consumer to a user (presumably admin).

This article acts as a quickstart guide if you want to test this module.

    Abridged summary of current features:
  • Provides a network overview/dashboard, with platforms and recent tasks for each network node.
  • Provides the standard task list for each remote site and platform.
  • Allows running some tasks on remote servers.
  • Allows viewing the task log of remote tasks.
  • Displays a login link to a remote site through the standard Reset Password task.
  • Displays a direct link to the login page of each server.
  • Provides a standarized feature for the remote server configuration (Aegir Network Node)
  • Provides a server type to register the OAuth Network Node server type.
    Wishlist (see code for todos):
  • Revamp server overview: Horizontal display
  • Add task info to task log page.
  • Allow direct login through OAuth2 Login or OAuth2 Authentication

There is a known bug with locked remote platforms not appearing in the overview.

Supporting organizations: 
Initial development, ongoing development
Sponsored development

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