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This module is currently NOT under development. It has been superseded by DevShop Hosting. If anyone wants to continue to maintain this independently, feel free to submit an issue with "Request to co-maintain" in the title!


Currently it provides one feature: Allows Hostmaster users with the right permission to trigger a "Update & Commit Features" task. This re-creates all of a site's features (as in features.module features) and commits (and pushes) them. This means that if developer accounts are given in the Aegir Frontend, they can be allowed to export and commit all of a sites features. Without giving them access to the dev server.


  • Hostmaster
  • Provision
  • Provision Git
  • Provision Git Features
  • Drush 4.x is required. For users who use the Automatic DEB Aegir Installation: The current version in the repositories is 4.4, you will have to upgrade to 4.5 to use this. You cannot just apt-get remove drush as that will remove aegir-hostmaster as well! Just download Drush and replace the folder located at /usr/share/drush
  • Features (In the hosted site)


Assuming you have installed Aegir:

If you haven't installed Provision Git, and Provision Git Features:

drush dl provision_git provision_git_features
drush @hostmaster dl hosting_features
drush @hostmaster en hosting_features


Currently, the task will Fail if there is no changes to the feature module files.


Hosting Features was the prototype for DevShop: Aegir Development Environment, built by ThinkDrop Consulting.

This module is no longer supported. If anyone wants to take it over please file an issue in the queue.

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