This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Hose XML is an XML export system for nodes. Node fields are mapped to XML elements by a profile that is held in the database.
Hose XML UI allows editing of XML profiles through a GUI. Hose XML implements validation and conversion for several data types including dates.
Complex mappings of fields to values and attributes are possible using tokens and the optional PHP input setting.

This module is in development - expect things to change and some stuff not to work. Backup your database before using.

Please see the README for how to get started.


  • Field content validation rules defined in profile
  • CCK to XML support
  • Taxonomy Support
  • XML export as an action
  • XML dumped to file raw or zipped
  • Feeds integration (new!)
  • PHP filtering of XML values

Coming soon:

  • Node reference support
  • XML import - create or update node via profile

Hose XML is sponsored by Red Bee Media Ltd.

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