You don't need this module unless you're either a developer or another module you're using depends on it.

Currently Drupal core does not offer any hook to do actions after a node/entity is insered/updated/deleted in Database.
So this module introduces several new Drupal hooks to overcome this limitation
- hook_entity_postsave
- hook_entity_postinsert
- hook_entity_postupdate
- hook_entity_postdelete
- hook_node_postsave
- hook_node_postinsert
- hook_node_postupdate
- hook_node_postdelete


Install and enable the module as usual:


Please read the hook_post_action.api file

Also if you want to quickly see it working, you can enable the bundled module hook_post_action_example, add/delete/update some contents and visit logs admin/reports/dblog

WARNING: The _postsave, _postinsert and _postupdate hooks are also called when the entity/node is deleted, as there is no way to find out whether the entity/node is actually saved/inserted/updated. However, the module does only call the delete hooks when the entity/node is actually deleted from database.

A simple example

 * Gets called after a node has been deleted from database.
 * @param $node
 *   A node object
 * @see hook_node_postsave()
 * @see hook_node_postinsert()
 * @see hook_node_postupdate()
 * @see hook_node_postdelete()
function hook_post_action_example_node_postdelete($node) {
  watchdog('hook_post_action_test', "The deleted node {$node->type} id is {$node->nid} from " . __FUNCTION__);


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