This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

"Open Publishing" sites require transparency of the "open editing" process.

This module creates a way of removing nodes and comments from the main site, but keeping them accessible to users in a special location with an explanation of the editorial reasons for "hiding".

Features include:

  • Hidden articles are always displayed with the reason that they are hidden, and custom css class.
  • The reason for hiding can be selected from a list or/and typed in.
  • All pages with /hidden have robots meta tags to ask for no indexing.
  • Filters can be set to automatically hide posted nodes and comments, this can be obfuscated with delay.
  • Notification of hidden articles can automatically be sent out by e-mail. This can be individually or in batches.
  • Non-admin users can be encouraged to take part in editorial process by enabling the reporting of posts for hiding.
  • This is not a node access module. Nodes and comments are indexed and unpublished.
  • Views integration (Drupal 6 Views2 integration to do).

This module was developed for Indymedia Drupal sites and should be of use to any other sites that want to ensure transparency of editorial process.

Development version for Drupal 6 should be stable for all public facing pages. Tests still to be written for some backend. Additional views and actions also on the work list.

Project Information