GovDelivery subscribe module provides a field for GovDelivery subscription signups. Useful for sites that make heavy use of fieldable_panels_panes.

Install composer_manager and list_predefined_options modules and optionally the
queue_ui module.

Use Drush or other method to set the following variables for connection to

drush vset govdelivery_username 'YOUR USERNAME'
drush vset govdelivery_password 'YOUR PASSWORD'
drush vset govdelivery_account_key 'GOVDELIVERY ACCOUNT KEY'
drush vset govdelivery_url 'GOVDELIVERY URL'

For testing you can use the govdelivery_url of
Make sure to include the trailing slash!

Finally, none of the queue processing in this module is setup to run Drupal's
cron. It is important that an external cron be run to process the queues. For
example, install the following crontab entry. You can adjust the frequency
depending on need.

*/5 * * * * drush queue-run govdelivery_topic_submissions


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