This module gives site visitors the option to register/login using their GitHub account. The module provides a block for one-click-login and adds the "login with GitHub" link to the login form.

The first time a user connects a new account is created. If a user with the same email is already registered that account will be used if the user confirms the account by entering the password. The next time the user will be logged in. Username will be set to the Users GitHub username (not the real name). If the GitHub username is already in use, the user gets to choose a new username.

To make use of this module you will have to create a GitHub application.

The module stores the unique access token from GitHub for each user and provides functions to let other modules make use of it. See the GitHub API for more information on what you can do with it.

For installation and configuration see readme.txt

Initial development sponsored by Samtrafiken & Kollegorna.

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