Clicky - the most feature rich website analytics service

What is real time web analytics? And this module?

This module here helps you integrate Clicky with your Drupal website in a snap.

It is a real time web statistics tracking system. (much like Google Analytics, but in some situations - better. See below who is using it and loving it.)

Imagine you could see your website analytics in realtime and react to each of your users' actions immediately - not after 24 hours. Imagine you could embed your analytics stats on your site. Imagine your web analytics had free and open Developer API. This is what Clicky Web Analytics is about.

Quote from their website:

Real time web analytics
Clicky Web Analytics is simply the best way to monitor, analyze, and react to your blog or web site's traffic in real time. 431,291 (Feb, 2012) web sites can't be wrong.

Features of Clicky

Features of the Drupal module

(for an explanation - install the module and see admin/settings/getclicky . Things below are pasted from the clicky 6.x admin UI)

  • site id number + site API key: to integrate with the tracking code and the dashboard API
  • Stats Dashboard (in an iframe)- both next to the settings page and under your site's Reports menu punkt
  • show clicky banner image in a block and/or in the html footer - good for the affiliate program. Several images available.
  • user role tracking - define what user roles should be tracked by get clicky. note: drupal admin pages are never tracked.
  • user segmentation - needs the drupal core profile module enabled. If your users have profile fields completed, you can track your logged in users based on a defined profile field.
  • file extensions to track: - a pipe seperated list of file extensions that should be tracked when clicked. example pdf|zip|mp3
  • secure pages - choose how to track secure pages (https:// aka ssl pages ) (if you do not use ssl in your site - this setting does not matter.):
       - when onto a https page - do not inject any js code. i do not have a pro account and/or i do not want to track https pages.
       - when onto a https page - use the js code for secure pages. i have a pro account.
       - when onto a https page - use the js code for normal http pages. i do not have a pro account and i do not mind the mixed-content-warning.
  • advanced section - you can add custom get clicky js code here.

Drupal 7 version

The 7 version is in development and a working one is underway. It is being delayed since months so if you wanna help with a donation or some code we will appreciate it.


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