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Google Map widget for geofield. A gmap field formatter can be found in the geofield_map submodule inside the Geofield project.

For now allow to use a google map v3 map to input a location.
A quick text input + geocode allow you to specify an address.
You can drag and drop the marker to narrow the position.

Drupal 8

For Drupal 8 the Geofield Map module was developed. This module includes all functionality of Geofield Gmap (and more).

Geofield 1.x / 2.x support

There are 2 different versions supported for the Geofield module. There are now also 2 different versions of the Geofield Gmap module for compatibility with both versions. Please download the branch corresponding with your Geofield module branch.
The 2.x branch is the maintained branch. It receives all new features and bugs. Development for the 1.x branch is very minimal.

Geofield 1.x

Geofield 1.x has an issue with precision of lat and lng :

You have to alter the field_data_field_XXX table and modify the lat and lng columns from FLOAT to DOUBLE.

ALTER TABLE `field_data_field_position` CHANGE `field_position_lat` `field_position_lat` DOUBLE NULL DEFAULT NULL ,
CHANGE `field_position_lon` `field_position_lon` DOUBLE NULL DEFAULT NULL 

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