About GatherContent

GatherContent is an online platform for pulling together, editing, and reviewing website content with your clients and colleagues. It's a reliable alternative to emailing around Word documents and pasting content into your CMS. This plugin replaces that process of copying and pasting content and allows you to bulk import structured content, and then continue to update it in Drupal with a few clicks.

Connecting a powerful content production platform, to a powerful content publishing platform.

Module Overview

Installing the module on your site allows you to quickly migrate content from your GatherContent account to Drupal. Content can be imported as any sort of node content type. And you can choose to create new pages etc. or overwrite existing entities.

The module currently supports the following features:

  • Migrate content from GatherContent
  • Update content in Drupal from GatherContent
  • Update content from Drupal to GatherContent
  • Multilingual support using Entity translation module
  • Meta tag basic support
  • Content hierarchy
  • Drush support

This module isn’t backward compatible with older major versions of module and there is no upgrade path.

Drupal 8

The currently supported branch for Drupal 8 is 8.x-4.x. It provides four separate modules:

  1. GatherContent Core (import and drush support)
  2. GatherContent UI (UI for the mapping and manual import)
  3. GatherContent Upload (upload support)
  4. GatherContent Upload UI (UI for the upload support)

Together they implement all features of the Drupal 7 module, and more:


To interface with the GatherContent API we have created a PHP library, with which the Drupal module is interacting. As of 8.x-4.x we are depending on the cheppers/gathercontent-client library to do all the API specific work, the module no longer contains them.

For both Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 we prepare API allowing you to modify data of imported or updated content in Drupal and content being published into GatherContent. Check our Events for Drupal 8 and hooks for Drupal 7.

Standalone PHP library

The 8.4 version now uses the GatherContent REST client to communicate with the GatherContent REST API. This library provides CMS independent functionality for implementing GatherContent integration on any platforms.

Planned Improvements

We're continuously improving and updating the module.

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