Gallery formatter provides a CCK formatter for image fields, which will turn any image field into a jQuery Gallery.

(Drupal 6) Watch the screencast for a demo of how to set it up REMOVED BY BLIP.TV!, or visit the demo page for seeing it in action.


  • Two imagecache presets which will work out of the box beautifully.
  • The thumbnails run under an infinite carousel.
  • Degrades gracefully without JS enabled, the gallery still works.
  • Integrated out of the box with thickbox, colorbox (recommended as the thickbox upgrade path), shadowbox and lightbox2 for the view full links.
  • Works with the swfupload, image_fupload, and imagefield_crop widgets.
  • A hook for modules to provide styles for the galleries.
  • Two options for styles, no style and a green arrows style. No style should be used for developing your own styles.
  • Source svgs for the green arrows style, so you can use it as an example to expand on, using inkscape for example.
  • Fully themeable through tpl file, overriding the template_preprocess, or just CSS. You should know what you are doing if you do so.

To use it:

  1. Edit the field settings for your image field, select which slide imagecache preset and thumbnail imagecache preset you would like to use.
  2. Select the jQuery Gallery formatter in the display section for your imagefield.

Note that this only makes sense on multiple value fields obviously.

On Drupal 7:

Drupal 7 allows for formatters to have their own settings, and this module makes full use of that. No longer do you configure the settings in the widget, and you can also set different settings per display mode, etc.
To use it simply select jQuery Gallery for your image field, and choose your settings there.


  • Documentation: please help contributing.
  • Provide more styles
  • Testing on other browsers, currently tested on Firefox, Chrome, Safari on XP, and IE8

Developers and designers/themers are welcome to review code, provide patches and new styles, help testing, or help out documenting.

Project information