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GAC display comments.

Gallery Assist Comments (GAC) extends the Gallery Assist (GA) module with the comment functionality for gallery items.

In other words. GAC allows to comment gallery items.

The GAC functionality is not the standard comment function - implemented from the core comments.

GAC uses a simple comment feature.


  • The comment function is different configurable for each GA content type.
  • Allow user settings.
    With this option it is possible to configure the comment function for every gallery.
    Possible options:
    - Allow nothing
    - Allow enable/disable option
    - Allow all settings
  • Configurable comment form:
    - Form position; Above, below, above and below.
    - Nature of the display of the form; No styling, collapsible, collapsed or simple popup.
  • Use extra input formats.
    For different content types can be used different Input formats.
  • Configurable character counter:
    - Count down or count up
    - Count lenght
  • Configurable comment order
    - Date - newest first
    - Date - oldest first
  • Command links for comments with respect to the current user's access permissions:
    - unpublish/publish
    - delete
  • GAC is fully RTL compatible.
  • Highly themeable.
    GAC comes with 10 templates. Most parts of comments are themeable.


The version 6.x-1.15-beta2 or higher of the GA module.


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