This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

FOAF module enables the following:
1. automatically import/synchronize profile information between any Drupal-powered sites
2. import profile information from external FOAF files
3. export a FOAF file based on a user's profile

For profile synchronization, when you login to site A using your account information from site B, your site A profile automatically gets filled with values from site B - presuming that both A and B have foaf.module
and drupal.module enabled

Foaf.module will also export your buddylist if buddylist.module is enabled.

The fields selected for this module are intended to conform to the FOAFNet specification.

This module was developed by James Walker of, with support from the following:
* CivicSpaceLabs
* Marc Canter (FOAFnet)

Project Information

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  • Last modified: 2 December 2014
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