Flickr Gallery settings


This module will show all your sets and pictures from your Flickr account.
There's no need to create extra content types or feeds. Just fill in your settings and your gallery is done.
New features will be only available for Drupal 7 version.

You will need to download the libraries module and a module for which type of Lightbox you want to use. (Lightbox, Shadowbox, Colorbox, ...)

Configuration Drupal 7

-- Upgrading from Flickrgallery previous version to 3.x branch --

  • Make sure you have the libraries module installed
  • Currently you need to use the flickrapi-dev version
  • Renew your access token at admin/config/media/flickrapi
  • Clear your cache (multiple times)

Configuration Drupal 6

After installation you'll need to download phpFlickr.php from
Place the file phpFlickr.php inside sites/all/libraries/phpFlickr
Fill in your key's and user ID and you can visit your gallery at yoursite/flickr


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