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Flickr Attach adds a fieldset to the node form allowing users to attach flickr images or albums.
Flickr Attach is configurable globally and by content type.


  1. Install and configure Flickr (settings on your site are at admin/settings/flickr). Even though it's optional for Flickr module, you must input a Default Flickr User ID for Flickr Attach to work properly.
  2. Install and enable Flickr Attach
  3. Voila: now you can attach a flickr image to your nodes. To disable Flickr Attach, use the Admin > Content Type > Edit Content Type form and uncheck the box "Yes, allow Flickr Image & Album Attachments" box in the Flickr Attach fieldset.

Note: "Flickr Attached" images will not show up in the node display by default. You will need to enable the flickr_attach block, or create a view.

Flickr Attach doesn't display flickr attach'd photo albums. The reason for this is that different users will find different ways in which they want to use flickr albums: some might want them in blocks, some might want them on the node view, etc. Flickr Attach leaves it up to block, theme, and module developers to make use of $node->flickr_attach['album'] property on flickr attach'd nodes.

Please note: flickr_attach expects that your images are organized in photosets.

Please see #435764: some more documentation please for a usage example.

Flickr Attach module development is sponsored by Message Agency.

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