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The Flexi Access module will provide a simple and flexible interface to the ACL (Access Control List) module. It will let you set up and mange ACLs naming individual users that are allowed access to a particular node.

The module let you manage access to individual nodes. The administrator may grant individual users the right to: View (read), update (edit/write), and delete the node.

The main idea behind Flexi Access is to allow flexible per user access control for nodes without the complexity (or features) of Organic Groups, and without having to create a lot of (overlapping) roles.

Development status:

A full release for Drupal 7 is available.

There are currently no plan to create a version for Drupal 8. If you want to help with, or sponsor, a port of this module to Drupal 8, please see this isssue.

Community support in the form of patches are very welcome, and will be given priority. For QA, the project needs community support in the form of review of patches, development versions and releases.

Feedback from users will be appreciated. Please use the issue queue to provide feedback.


There is a lot of node access modules floating around in the Drupal universe. There is a general introduction to node access as well as a listing of some of the available alternative node access modules on this page.



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