This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module provides a wrapper for the Flashy video player:

The base module depends on SWFEmbed, and provides an object-oriented API for embedding flash videos in your site. If you have the getID3() module, it will also try to auto-detect the size of the video if you do not specify an explicit size for the player.

The included flashy_filefield and flashy_link modules provide CCK formatters for the filefield and link CCK fields, respectively. That allows you to upload a .flv or other supported file format into a CCK-based node, configure a formatter, and have it "just work" to display the video. Referencing linked 3rd party videos using the link field is also supported. Additional configuration options will be added if there is demand (and if people submit patches!)

Some background and a demo can be found on the site.

This module requires PHP 5.

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Installation notes

If you have Drush installed, run drush flashy post-install to quickly and easily download the latest version of the flash player itself from Google Code.

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