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NOTE: Flag 3.x branch supports entity, but the fields added using manage fields are shown only when flagging content and not when un-flagging content. If you don't want to ask for data when user is un-flagging content, you mostly do not need this module. But using this module will save your few extra tables for each field you create in flag entity :) .

This module integrates Flag with Webform.

This module provides the Drupal administrator to attach a webform to a flag confirmation form, so that when users flag or unflag any piece of content, they can add additional information using the webform.


This module integrates Flag with Webform and completely dependent on Flag and Webform module.


  • The module currently only works with "Confirmation form" link type settings of flag.
  • 1.x branch supports 2.x and 3.x branch of Flag and 3.x branch of Webform.
  • 2.x branch supports 3.x branch of Flag and 4.x branch of Webform.


Drupal 6 README.txt

Drupal 7 README.txt

Branch status - Support

  • 7.x-2.x: Under active development. dev version released. (Supports webform 7.x-4.x branch and flag 7.x-3.x branch and views 7.x-3.x branch, will be available once webform 7.x-4.x stable release available).
  • 7.x-1.x: Under active development. (Supports webform 7.x-3.x branch and flag 7.x-2.x branch)
  • 6.x-1.x: Minimal maintenance (bugs fixed; new feature backport patches committed). (Supports webform 6.x-3.x branch)


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