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This organization is a Drupal services provider.

Blisstering Solutions is a Drupal Services, Solutions and Products Company. We offer full range of Drupal Services from building your Drupal Solution - that include custom module development, theming, performance or testing – to extending your Drupal site or solution to mobile, tablet, Facebook and cloud.

Founded in 2007, Blisstering has over 100,000+ hours of Drupal development under its roof. We are headquartered in San Francisco Bay Area with offices in India.

Blisstering has invested in building its own product, m2Serve – a platform built on the integration of Drupal and Titanium. m2Serve powers Blisstering’s Bravo Cloud, Bravo and Bravo Retail solutions.

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Drupal contributions

Flag Cool Note : This module provides the Drupal administrator to attach a webform to a flag so that when users flag or unflag any piece of content, they can add additional information using the webform.
Facebook You Share : This module will provide you the ability to modify the content that is shared on Facebook.
TicketsNow : This module provides a framework for integrating API from third party ticket vendor Ticketsnow using soap client.
UC AlertPay Integration : This module adds the Alert Pay payment gateway integration with Ubercart.
Node Ownership : The Node Ownership module provides an ability for users to claim for an ownership of the node.
Peanut Labs Media : This module provides a way to integrate with Peanutlabsmedia.The Peanut Labs Media Monetization Platform is designed specifically to work with virtual currencies and goods in the new digital economy - be they social applications on Facebook, Myspace or Linkedin, or leading Games and Gaming communities.
Auto create Group : This module allows auto creation of groups associated with a particular node.

Projects supported

Block Country, Unix Time Conversion, Drupal-Edmodo Connectivity, Age Calculator, Multilingual URL alias for Country, Sidr Responsive menu, Flag Cool Note, Facebook You Share, TicketsNow, UC Alertpay Integration, Node Ownership, Auto create Group, Peanut Labs Media

Credited on 28 issues fixed in the past 3 months