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Seeking a new maintainer for this module. We built it (7x2x) when I was at a previous job and most of my focus is on D8 now. Please contact me if you would like to take this over. Thanks.

File Entity Revisions has been branched. The 7x2x builds heavily upon the great start of the 7x1x branch started by Eric Duran and Andrew Berry (thanks guys!).

The new branch comes with more features and works in conjunction with the State Machine and Workflow modules to include moderation as well as revisions. All future development and support will move forward with the 7x2x branch only and features include:

  • Moderation of files through integration of State Machine and Workflow modules.
  • Better stream wrapper integration for public and private files.
  • Only 1 revision at a time is allowed to be published residing in public:// or private:// or custom://
  • All revisions of unpublished files reside in revisions:// and have special private access permissions
  • File path set with taxonomy term attached to the file entity by the term reference field
  • Persistent file name for the file’s published version where the file name is set by the filename field
  • Persistent file path, only changes if selected taxonomy and/or filename is changed in the file form field
  • Revisions Workflow tab featuring file moderation history, comments, links to view previous versions of the file, revision operations, and domain assignment (if using Domain Access and Domain Access Entity) in an easy to understand graphic interface

File Entity Revisions enables Drupal to store different versions of a file by utilizing these required modules:

  • File Entity – makes File Types fieldable, allowing us to attach fields to files.
  • File Admin – extends File Entity to add administrative options to file types.
  • Workflow – defines the actual workflow which is attached to the file as a field.
  • State Machine – used by Workflow to store the various moderation states and settings.
  • Access Content Bridge – helper module for content access interplay.

Module homepage and online documentation coming soon. For an overview please take a look at the attached pdf document File Entity Revisions Module 7x2x.

Please note that there is no upgrade path for 7x1 to 7x2 as we've made many changes. This is still in development, but everything works as seen set up in the documentation.

===== 7x-1x-dev Branch Information (no longer supported) ======

#File Entities Revisions

- File Entity
- File Admin

- Makes all file entity revisionable.
- Adds the ability to create multiple revision of one file entity
- Supports Revision Scheduler Module
- Revision Revert Operation
- Revision Delete Operation
- Revision Publish Operation (File Admin integration)
- Revision Unpublish Operation (File Admin integration)

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Idea and Development for 7x1x
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