Customise the weight/order in which fields on nodes can be displayed on a per node basis and not just globally per type. Individual fields can also be hidden from display.

For any node types that are enabled, a 'Field display weights' tab will appear on nodes (for users with adequate permissions). From this page administrators can customise the order in which fields are displayed on each node by using a draggable table (or manually select weights).


  • Enable module
  • go to settings page (admin/config/field_weight)
  • Enable any node types you want to use field weights on
  • Click 'Field display weights' tab on any of these nodes to customise.

Information about 7.x-2.x releases

This release series adds revision support and a couple optional submodules.

field_weight_field_collection: Sort individual instances of multiple-value field collection fields.

field_weight_inherit: (For Content Translation users.) Have translated nodes inherit their source node's field weights if none are set on the translated node itself.

Possible future improvements include a submodule for Revisioning and Node Clone support for copying the field weights. There are no database changes in 7.x-2.x, so it should be safe to upgrade. As always, making a backup and testing the upgrade before deploying it is strongly advised.

Comparison to other modules

Display Suite: Established and maintained module that allows creating new view modes and rearranging fields at the content type level (among many other things).

Display Suite Extras lets you choose a view mode per node, but if you want to arrange fields in more than a few ways, this module is more suited.

Project information