Feeds Excel

This Module provides an Excel parser for Feeds. Absolutely new module was released in 7.x-2.x. Waiting for comments and suggestions.


  • Parsing of large Excel files using PHPExcel library and Batch API.
  • Configurable chunk size .
  • Disabling/enabling cell calculation.
  • "No headers" feature.
  • Proper displaying of progress.
  • Advanced processing of sheets:
    • parse all sheets
    • parse only first sheet
    • parse sheet with special name or index
    • using sheet title in mapping


Notice: If you are going to upgrade module from 7.x-1.x, please install patch for ctools from this issue #1032054: Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required includes/export-ui.inc in includes/plugins.inc on line to prevent fatal error.

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