This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

FeedAPI ImageGrabber

Note: This project is copyrighted to and maintained by Srijan Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

FeedAPI ImageGrabber which is an addition to FeedAPI, mimics the thumbnail display of Google Reader for the feeds aggregated (using FeedAPI) on a Drupal website.

RSS feeds usually do not contain the images associated with the feed-items, and therefore ImageGrabber visits the feed-item's webpage to download the image. The downloaded image is stored in an imagefield created by the imagefield module.


  • Images are downloaded along with the feed refresh automatically.
  • ImageGrabber is paused before the maximum execution time is reached, and can be resumed again anytime
  • Alternatively unprocessed feed-items are automatically processed at next cron run.
  • Option to provide the customized DOM path (using id or class), to be more precise about the image location.
  • Every user can grab images using ImageGrabber depending on permission (Not only restricted to administrator)


  • Drupal 6 or higher. I won't support D5. (If anyone is interested in extending it to D5, contact me)
  • cURL is required to download the images, so install it properly before enabling the module. Look at on how to install curl on php.
  • Latest version of UrltoAbsolute has to be downloaded separately and should be extracted into the module folder.

Important Notes

  • If upgrading from ImageGrabber v1.1-rc1 or lower to ImageGrabber v1.8 or higher, do not forget to run UPDATE.PHP. Without, FeedAPI ImageGrabber won't work properly.
  • Clicking on 'Grab Images' will only download images for those feed-items which were not processed due to lack of execution time and not which failed to get an image.


Comapatibility Notes

  • All releases of the module are compatible with Drupal 6.14 or lower.
  • You must use FeedAPI ImageGrabber v1.0 with alpha or lower releases of Imagefield and FeedAPI ImageGrabber v1.1-rc1 or higher with beta and higher releases of Imagefield.

Due to some issues, I have, at the moment, stopped development for this module. Someone else will soon take over the development of this module.

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