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Seeking a new maintainer

Please contact Todd Nienkerk if you are interested in taking over maintenance of this module.

About Feed Path Publisher

Feed Path Publisher allows site admins to publish multiple RSS feeds in the document's <head> tag. Modern browsers use this information to populate the (usually orange) RSS icon in their URL or location bar.

Feeds can be published globally or per path. This is especially useful when you have multiple feeds on a site -- say, generated by Views' RSS module -- that should only appear in certain areas.


WARNING: If you are upgrading from version 5.x-1.1 (or earlier), please back up the data from your 'feed_path_publisher' database table before running update.php. This update script will drop the table and recreate it before repopulating it with your data. This has worked fine in testing, but we advise making a backup just in case.


Development of this module is sponsored by Four Kitchens and That Other Paper.

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