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fancyBox 2 in Drupal

The Fancybox module is the best way to incorporate the fancyBox jQuery plugin into Drupal. Display images, HTML, YouTube videos, Google maps in an elegant and aesthetic lightbox alternative.

Version 7.x-2.x of this module supports fancyBox version 2.1.0 and higher. This version of fancyBox requires jQuery 1.7+, which is supplied by the jQuery Update module.

7.x-2.x Features

  • Provides admin interface for changing nearly every setting listed under the fancybox Documentation, including helper options and callbacks.
  • Easy enable and configure the helpers provided by fancyBox: title, overlay, thumbnail, media, and buttons.
  • Provides a formatter for entities and Views.
  • Choose image styles for images displayed via the fancyBox formatter.
  • Integrates well with the Insert module.
  • Custom fancyBox selectors. Apply fancyBox to any relevant anchor tag.
  • Drush integration to download the fancyBox library with one command. (Automatically downloads if module is enabled with Drush.)
  • Helpful messages for guiding you through installing and configuring fancyBox.

Version 7.x-1.x and 6.x-1.x of this module support Fancybox 1.3+, which can be downloaded here. 1.3.1 is recommended. For 6.x-1.x, jQuery 1.3.x is required, see jQuery Update 6.x-2.0. Both of these versions are minimally maintained; version 7.x-2.x is highly recommended.

Licensing Information

The fancyBox jQuery plugin is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 license. For commercial licenses, view the licensing options on the fancyBox website. Also, if you find this module useful, consider donating to the module maintainer(s) in order to further development and maintenance:

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