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Fancy – the flexible content creator within Drupal.

Fancy is an idea to solve the requirement of the authors to get more control of the design while keeping the editing simple and straightforward.

A common problem encountered on a multitude of sites is that content editors and authors are limited to a defined layout. Blocks, Panels and Panelizer provide solutions to bridge this problem however they are restrictive and not suitable for single nodes. Panels for instance is a module that is predominantly utilized by site builders which is typically very advanced to setup and confusing at times. Fancy is an approach that provides the ability for authors to dynamically create content and at the same time define its appearance without making editing more complex or difficult.

One of its key features is that the user can edit content and modify its appearance on one single page. All that information is stored either on the node you edit or on referenced entities which complements not only the flow of adding or editing nodes but also is more intuitive for the user.

Read more about the techniques and modules we used and created on the documentation page.

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You can create issues and pull requests on Github.

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