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Facebook Pull is a fast and efficient module for displaying Facebook feeds on your site.

This module caches all queries to the graph, the time period default is 20 minutes.


Configure the module then add the block, or box, or use the API directly:

echo facebook_pull_render($graph_id, $type, $app_id, $app_secret, $options);

You must obtain an app_id and app_secret from Facebook before you can use this module. You can do this through the Developer App on Facebook.

You can configure this module at: "admin/config/services/facebook-pull"

More information about the facebook Graph API, the API which this module interfaces with, is available on the Facebook website:


This is not a replacement for the Drupal for Facebook module. That module offers a wide range of functionality, but no way to pull directly from the Facebook Graph.

You can also use the Feeds Facebook plugin for Feeds to save facebook posts as nodes and create views for them.


This module is currently maintained by @daveferrara1.

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