There are many Facebook-related Drupal 7 modules out there. This is one of them.
There aren't many Facebook-related Drupal 8 modules out there, but when there are, this will be one of them.

The main goal behind this module is to facilitate quick implementation of the common "Like box" display on a Drupal site. This module doesn't do any fancy behind-the-scenes Facebook Open Graph API integration or anything of the sort — it just instantiates three blocks. By consciously keeping this module limited in scope, we hope it will be easy for site maintainers to use, and easy for developers to maintain.

One block this module implements is the Facebook "Like" box; the other is the Facebook "Recommendations" box. The third one is a Facebook "Follow us" box.

These three Drupal blocks have many (but not all) of the configuration options offered by Facebook's sharing API for these respective boxes. Settings for each block are managed in that particular block's administration screen — there are no global configuration options.

For Facebook's documentation on these boxes, see:

No release for Drupal 6 is planned.
D8 version is for testing purposes only.

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