An example of the Fast Autocomplete module on abab.nlThe Fast Autocomplete module provides fast IMDB-like suggestions below a text input field. Suggestions are stored as json files in the public files folder so that they can be provided to the browser relatively fast without the need for Drupal to be bootstrapped.

When the JSON file with the suggestions for the entered combination of characters does not exist, Drupal kicks in and suggestions are retrieved and returned by Drupal (and stored in a json file in the public files folder for future use). The JSON files are periodically deleted after a configurable expiration period.

The suggestions are retrieved using a search service/plugin. The search services/plugin provided by the module can be altered through hooks or extended in custom implementations of the service class (Drupal 7) or added by implementing a custom plugin (Drupal 8).

Basic search services/plugins provided by the module are:

Basic service classes provided by the module are:

  • Basic title search (D7/D8): performs a LIKE query on node titles
  • Core search (D7): uses the core search to get suggestions
  • Search API (D7/D8) can query Search API indexes
  • Apachesolr (D7): can query Apachesolr indexes

The output of the suggestions (when they are nodes) can be configured using view modes. Combined with for instance the Display Suite module you can create really nice formatted suggestions.


The Drupal 8 version of the Fast Autocomplete module does not have any dependencies. The following contrib modules are required to install the Fast Autocomplete Drupal 7 module:


See README.txt in the module codebase for installation instructions and more information about the module.


You can see this module in action when you use the search box on the website of ABAB, the website of the Municipality of Venlo or the website of Restauratiefonds.

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