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Exportables 1.x

Exportables module provides easy exportables for objects that normally can't be exported. Currently, taxonomy vocabularies are supported. It does this by the following:

  • The most important thing is the fact that it keeps track of machine-readable names for things that normally don't have machine names. It has API functions to create machine names and associate them with a type, ID pair.
  • On top of that, it provides a function to sync exportables in code to the DB - using hook_exportables, which defines the hook name, save functions, and other pieces of data about the type of item being saved.
  • Lastly, it provides a function to export an item given type and ID or type and machine name.

Exportables 2.x

I, dagmar, am the new co-maintainer of Exportables module, here are some news:

Some modules like, Wysiwyg or Better Formats, storages their settings based in a numeric id provided by drupal core (like input formats). Due we cannot hack the drupal core, I was thinking in use Exportables to solve this issues.

I have created a new brach of exportables with less features than 1.x, but the idea is use exportables as the base module to sync machine names for those entities that drupal creates with numeric ids and other modules uses.

Please, if you are using exportables 1.x, do not upgrade, there is not upgrade path yet.

At this moment only input_formats are supported, I'm the creator of Input Formats too, and soon it will be ported to use Exportables api.

The first beta for exportables 2.x was released. Please read the Releases Notes before install it.

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