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Input Formats module

Input formats is an API that allows for the export and import of input formats like an object. This module makes it possible to export and import wysiwyg editor settings into Features.

This module takes all the configurations of input formats and exports it into an array. It also includes a machine name, so you now may import input formats configurations into your sites.

This module:

  • allows to export input formats as objects.
  • allows to export input formats using the Features module.
  • allows to import input formats from code.
  • provides an API to inform other modules about creation/deletion of input formats.
  • provides machine names for input formats and allowing other modules to use this name to store their settings in too.

Please, read the release notes of Beta 2. New dependencies have been included. Also, features created from beta-1 will not work with beta-2, sorry for that.

Feedback and development status


About Drupal 7 version

There are three issues to that will make possible to use input formats from code natively (without extra modules, or at leas using only features module), please help to test and provide feedback:


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Developed by: dagmar

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