This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module can make automatic evaluation of form was made by Webform module.

You can use it easily if you want to evaluate online surveys, questionnaires or pretests.

You need to set up values of answer possibilities. If you want different continue for different evaluation values, you need to set up conditions too.
The module can send emails with the evaluation page to a chosen address and/or to the user.

For example: You have a special offer for some user who can fill a survey good enough. If you make this survey by Webform module, you can create an EvalWF evaluation. When a user fill the form, EvalWF assigns points to each answers. If the total points of user is more than e.g. 90 points this module can redirect her/him to the special offer page, else it can redirect the user anywhere else.

This module requires Webform module!

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