Entity Bulk Delete is a module which delete the entity in bulk using batch processing API. Entity Bulk Delete module provide the option to delete the entity using customize way. This module will permanently delete your entity so it is advised to use that module with your own risk and make sure you have a backup.


The Entity Bulk Delete module is very similar to other Drupal modules.
For installation of the Entity Bulk Delete module
please follow the below mentioned steps:


There is no configuration for this module.

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Couple of modules are available for deletion like:- Bulk User Delete, Bulk Delete, Mass delete, Delete all, Taxonomy delete all terms, Comment Delete, etc. But Entity Bulk Delete module is different than other modules. Entity Bulk Delete module, delete any entity (node, comments, user, taxonomy-term) using batch processing API. It also provide option to delete the entity using entity-id.


Entity Bulk Delete module is originally written & maintained by Rahul Seth.

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