This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.


This is module provide domain access control for any fieldable entities.


Go to settings page admin/structure/domain/entities and enable entity types to manage domain access. After enabling entity types you can configure domain access for bundles of enabled entity types.

You can choose for each bundle the assignation behavior you want to use :

  • Affiliate automatically created entity to a value (no widget on entity creation form, auto-assignation)
  • User choose affiliate, with a default value (form widget on the entity creation form)

Then you can set access permissions for roles. The module provide premissions that based on following operations:

  • create
  • update
  • view
  • view unpublished (only if entity type has method isPublished())
  • delete

Each operation has following permissions:

  • allow on any domains for whole entity type (include all bundles)
  • allow on assigned for whole entity type (include all bundles)
  • allow on any domains for specific bundle
  • allow on assigned for specific bundle

Assign role to specific user and try to perform some operations to check.


You will need the domain_access module from Domain access to be enabled.


Install the module as any other module.
An admin user should use administer domains permission to manage the module settings.

Views integration

All managed bundles has new views filter Current domain that allow to check availability of entity instance on current domain. Just add the filter and select Yes/No to filter view by current domain.

Note: Usage of this filter force add DISTINCT to views query.

Alternative solutions

  • Domain access module provide own domain access functions for User and Node entity types.
  • Widget Engine module provide own domain access functions for Widget entity type.
  • Domain Access Entity is simmilar project to provide domain access functions for any entities.

Ignore entity types

Some entity types can be ignored to use another solutions of domain access management. After installations the config contain following entity types to ignore:

  • node - should use domain_access module
  • user - should use domain_access module
  • widget - should use widget_engine_domain_access module
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