Entities edit form domain field widget.
Domain entity UI
Domain views integration with domain entity fields


This module provide a solution to add Domain Access on entity.

You can use this module to restrict access for entity as you do with node.

This module can add domain access only on fieldable entities

You can choose for each bundle the assignation behavior you want to use :

  • Affiliate automatically created entity to a value (no widget on entity creation form, auto-assignation)
  • User choose affiliate, with a default value (form widget on the entity creation form)

The access rule is basic for front end user (without specific permission):

  • Entities are only accessible on the domain(s) is assigned.
    This is the default behavior for user in administration and front office.

For administration / administrator:

  • Site contributors, with specific permission can access and/or edit content of multiple domain
    The user need to be assigned to the domain he can edit (in user/*/edit)
    And the user need the permission "access entities affiliate on assigned domains"
  • With domain views, You can create list of entities and expose the domain field, to filter entities by domain.

To use this module with views, you may need to disable sql rewriting on some views. (open your views -> go in advanced settings pane -> query settings), if you don't want to disable sql rewriting, you can add manually a view filter on the field that hold the domain(s) id.


- Enable Domain Access on entities
- UI for enabling domain access on entity type, and batch update of existing entities
- views integration
- Domain source integration


- Enable domain_entity
- Go to admin/structure/domain/entities
- Enable domain on entity types, choose the behavior widget you want for each bundle (existing content of your website will be assigned to the default bundle domain value)
- For site administrator roles that you want to allow to see multiple domain entities on one domain (only in administration path) :

  • Create a user
  • Add a role to the user with the permission "access entities affiliate on assigned domains"
  • Assign the user to the domain(s) he can access ("Affiliate editor options" in admin/people)


- Domain Access
- Entity API (Only for 7.x)

Extra requirements

To expose domain filter in views: Domain views (Only for 7.x)

Drupal commerce

Should i use this module for my shop sub domains ?

you just want to separate editorial product by domain :
don't activate domain entity on commerce_product entity, and use domain access on the node that display the product instead.
You want a commerce store by domain:
you should activate domain entity on commerce order entity with a default value on "current domain", so the user have different cart on each store.
see https://drupal.org/node/2043677#comment-7684719 for more details

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