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Easily track the deletion of nodes, comments, files, users, vocabularies and terms with this module. Whenever an entity is deleted, a record of the deletion is saved to the database with this information:

  • Entity ID
  • Entity Type
  • Entity Bundle
  • Entity Author
  • Entity Title
  • Number of Revisions
  • Created Date
  • Deleted Date
  • User Who Deleted Entity

You may select which entity types will have delete logs enabled. By default, no logging is enabled.

Supports Drupal's Core Entity Types

  • Comments
  • Files
  • Nodes
  • Taxonomy Terms
  • Taxonomy Vocabularies
  • Users

Views Support

Entity Delete Log uses the views API so log data can be retrieved and displayed with Views.

Organic Groups Support

With the Entity Delete Log Organic Groups sub module, you can track basic information about any Organic Group(s) on an Entity before it is deleted.



Development originally supported by the University of MI Library.

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